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Stop Wasting Money on the Wrong Consultant

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Everything You Need to Know About Consulting

CHAPTER 1: The Consulting Industry and Its Companies

CHAPTER 2: Consultants––The People Who Support You

CHAPTER 3: Types of Engagement Models



How to Work with a Consultant

CHAPTER 4: Why Companies Turn to Consultants

CHAPTER 5: Signs You Should Consider Consulting Support

CHAPTER 6: Consulting versus Coaching––Both are Critical

CHAPTER 7: Contractors versus Consultants––There is a Difference

CHAPTER 8: Common Misconceptions about Consulting

CHAPTER 9: Costly Mistakes When Choosing a Consultant––and How to Avoid These Mistakes

CHAPTER 10: Signing a Contract

CHAPTER 11: Warning Signs that you’re Not Ready to Hire a Consultant

CHAPTER 12: The Importance of ROI versus Price

CHAPTER 13: Maximize ROI Principles—How to Make Your Consulting Engagement Super Successful



Common Business Needs for Consulting Support

CHAPTER 14: Strategy and Strategy Execution Consulting Engagements

CHAPTER 15: Leadership and Leadership Development Consulting Engagements

CHAPTER 16: Culture-Shifting Consulting Engagements

CHAPTER 17: Consulting Engagements to Implement Lean Thinking and Improve Day-to-Day Execution

CHAPTER 18: Other Possible Business Transformation Consulting Engagement Topics



The Answer to Your Biggest Question: What Actions Do I Need to Take to Ensure I Hire the Right Consultant?

CHAPTER 19: Steps to Pick Your Consulting Partner

CHAPTER 20: Understand the Win Holistic Transformation Model™




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